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ULV 110 Cold Fogger Best Price 

The above video shows the Airofog ULV 110 Cold Fogger in Action 

Airofog U-110 ULV Cold Fogger-U110
The Airofog 110 ULV Cold Fogger is a portable and compact fogger that is powered from a 120 or 110 V. The Airofog 110 ULV Cold Fogger fogs both oil-based or water-based pesticides, disinfection applications, odor or mold control products.
This fogger has a powerful electric motor to reach a fogging distance of 39 feet, spreading droplets over the area treated. The output will vary according to the different chemical properties (viscosity levels) of the liquid that is fogged.
It has a needle dosage control knob for control. The tank size is 1.32 gallons with a side opening for refilling. It comes with a heavy-duty double woven shoulder strap for ease of use.

Works with oil or water based, acids, oxidizers, pesticides, surface sterilizers, and more
Electric Motor :110 V, 700 W
Electric motor output at 38,000 rpm that generates an airspeed of 426 ft per sec
Consistent 15-25 microns
Works with oil or water based, acids, oxidizers, pesticides, surface sterilizers, and more
Ouput: 25-150 ml/min ( 0.8 - 5 oz /min )
Color: Blue
Solution Tank: side opening for refilling polyethylene, UV-light resistant, 5 litres (1.32 Gallon) with side filling
Spray Nozzle: double turbine type
Flow Rate Variable: 0-150 ml/min. ( 0-5.07 oz/min)
Variable flow control, 1.25 gallon solution tank
Air Velocity: 130 m/s (426 ft/s)
Fogging Distance: 12 m (39 ft )
Shoulder Strap: double woven heavy-duty, 2 inches wide
Net weight: 3.1 kg ( 6.83 lb )
14.17 x 12.60 x 17.32 inches

Airofog ULV 110 – Made for the professional. Made to last.

Airofog ULV cold fogger operates effectively according to ultra low volume (ULV) method. A powerful electric motor distributes the fine 

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H2O2 12% 







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