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Updated 6/19/2021




I'm writing to you as the COO of an organization that's built around a service that fights germs, bacteria, and viruses with cleansing and protection products from DISINGERM™ (pronounced “DIS-IN-GERM”). The products are called Guard & Shield MAX, Thyme Clean, ViroZide, Aromacide and OXIVIN. 

In the recent weeks, we've been noticing a monumental shift in COVID-19.


The rapidly spreading novel coronavirus pandemic forces dealers to reorganize and rethink the way they work car deals. In this time, remote collaboration often becomes a necessity rather than an option. 

Your dealership, employees, and customers need to adapt to the changing landscape and embrace this shift to confront the new reality.  No one is really sure how long it will last, but even when it’s over we will have a new normal facing us in the auto industry. This is a great opportunity for us to help you with your existing buildings while there is a limited amount of employees and customers in the showroom.


We are leading the way for a healthier environment using the all-in-one multi-stage cleansing process from DISINGERM™ called BINATING (Bi-a nating). This process is quickly becoming the gold standard of decontamination and a phrase we are proud to have started. 

Disingerm™ Guard & Shield products are multistage processes in one easy-to-use gallon. We created this solution with the highest rated and best quality chemicals and minerals available in science. The products cleanse surfaces and forms a barrier that helps protect from germs, bacteria, and viruses like COVID-19 aka coronavirus.

If someone does have the virus, our products will help fight to eliminate the threat for up to 90 days*, which is perfect for your showroom. We even give you window stickers for vehicles and the building stating “Protected by Disingerm™ Products”. See samples below.

There are services that are less expensive than ours, but they are also completely inferior and may clean or disinfect - but will likely only last 24 hours. We are the only company offering this unique products for long term service protection with a formula that smells great. 

We have a complicated proprietary cleaning process that requires a minimum of two highly-skilled individuals that are trained to use Disingerm™ products.  


As you can see from the video above, our attention to detail and true dedication to providing the safest environment possible is what makes our service and products worth it. 

We are working with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations to deliver this one-of-a-kind extraordinary service. Contact us for more details about our cleansing and protecting your dealership. 

Your customers and employees deserve the best.


Showroom Doors and Window Sticker we also available poster size 3ft. x 5ft. 

Windshield Stickers

We will add your business name and city 


Our Higher Purpose

On Saturday June 6th 2020  during the Rockin’ the Red Carpet, an event treated and also sponsored by Disingerm, unveiled their #OurHigherPurpose initiative, which is a universal higher purpose campaign that partners with 501(c) (3)s as a way of giving back to communities. More

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