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Aaron Wilmot  

Vice President

International Affairs 

Seattle, Washington 




Aaron is Disingerm VP of International Affairs and responsible for all distributor recruitment activity abroad. He brings over 20 years of federal government auditing and management consulting experience to the company, and has visited over 23 countries. Originally from Massachusetts, Aaron decided it was time to leave the snow behind. He would ultimately like to land in Hawaii but we have other plans for him. 

Mr. Wilmot serves as a key global leader for Disingerm’s international affairs and oversees all exports to several countries. 

•Positions Disingerm as a global leader by developing and maintaining relationships with key leaders and influencers in other countries.

•Represents Disingerm with distinction at conferences and meetings and serves as a convener and spokesperson on international issues. 

•Oversees international research and actively track promising practices and innovative policies in other parts of the world that could have promise for Disingerm.

• Personally demonstrates in his work and action the highest levels of ethics and integrity.

•Arranges senior level meetings with high level officials and key stakeholders to exchange views and develop an understanding of the challenges and benefits of global distribution for Disingerm.

•Cultivates strong, collaborative relationships with executive management, leadership teams, and staff throughout the globe.

•Advises our COO, Tom Stokes, and other senior leaders, Executives and Board Members as requested on international matters. Keeps all relevant parties apprised of progress and critical issues requiring broader guidance and input.

•Provides vision and leadership in executing Disingerm’s international strategy and leading key initiatives on the global staging.

•Building a team of experts and developing their talents and abilities to reach their optimal performance to help Disingerm find better ways to fight germs, bacteria, and viruses.

•Develops, deploys, and continually refines a multi-year strategy and operational plan with clear metrics for success.

•Reviews all potential international engagements to ensure they are in line with the current strategic plan, brand, values, and conform to all Disingerm public policy stances and internal policies.

•Develops and manage international budget with accuracy and precision. 

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