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Made in TEXAS USA stainless steel and solid wood. This is designed as an all in one station includes;


1. Video monitor promoting your business and CDC guideline reminders 

2. Touchless auto sensor sanitizing dispenser with drip catcher 

3. Auto body thermometer with LED screen 

4. Mask dispenser (2000 included) 

5. Glove dispenser (2000 included) 

6. Sanitizer wipes (1000 included) 

7. Hand sanitizer (10 gallons included) 

8. UV-C light phone sanitizer

9. Trash can (30 bags included) 

10. Customized 

Available in indoor and all-weather versions to best meet your needs, Sanitation Station is designed with convenience in mind. It’s outfitted to complete its purpose, hassle-free. Placing the Disingerm Sanitation Station in your space can help keep everyone safe—and give a new means of marketing as well. Reach out if you’d like to partner with us in stopping the spread or to order your very own Disingerm Sanitation Station! Complete the form below to send us a message, or call 214-482-9135