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Why do we use Thyme Oil to Fight COVID?


This is what we now know about COVID: the outer shell of the virus is very fragile and it’s easy to disrupt it and kill it. That’s why any kind of soap will kill it and why the CDC recommends washing your hands thoroughly. Once the outer layer of the virus is broken, you have the opportunity to kill it. This is where our thyme oil ( performs the best. You do not need to use such harsh chemicals to get rid of COVID, but many do because they want a faster kill time. The kill time shouldn't really matter to you unless you're working in an emergency situation. 

Thymol is a component of thyme oil, extracted from the herb thyme. Thyme has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years and thymol is an established antiseptic and pesticide. But because thymol is derived from thyme, it’s non-toxic. The Environmental Protection Agency ruled in 2009 that thymol is safe enough that there is no need to “establish a maximum permissible level for residues of thymol.”

The Environmental Protection Agency maintains a list of disinfectants that are effective against SARS-CoV-2, which can kill the virus within five to ten minutes. What’s also interesting is if you visit the EPA’s website, it lists one of the approved surfaces as “Food Contact No Rinse.”

EPA Approves Thymol Cleaners to Kill Coronavirus

Thymol is a component found in thyme oil, which is a naturally occurring mixture of compounds from, yup, the thyme plant, according to the EPA. It is typically used in pesticide products such as animal repellents, fungicidal products, medical disinfectants, tuberculocides, and virucides. It also can be used in perfumes, food flavorings, mouthwashes, pharmaceutical preparations, and cosmetics. However, this plant-based ingredient also reaps many antimicrobial properties, allowing folks to clean their homes without the harsh smells of chemicals or bleach. More 

Disingerm® uses thyme oil with lemongrass or lavender as well as zinc oxide. We also have a Thyme Clean using TiO(2) (Titanium Dioxide). Titanium dioxide (TiO(2)) under ultraviolet (UVC) light produces a strong oxidative effect and may therefore be used as a photocatalytic disinfectant.


Thyme is part of the EPA’s minimum risk list and safer use products as outlined in their documentation. See

What’s the difference between using a harsh chemical solution and the thyme oil from Disingerm™?

The obvious is synthetic vs. natural. The quats are all man made in a lab and products like thyme are natural disinfectant from the earth.

The kill times are different, too. With a quat, you can kill COVID mostly within a couples minutes. Some can eliminate threats within 60 seconds, but once it’s sprayed on the surface, it will evaporate and there’s nothing left to keep fighting health threats until you spray again.

Thymol Is the Latest Natural Cleaner Approved by the EPA to Kill Coronavirus

Thymol comes from the oil of various herbs including basil and thyme, a naturally anti-microbial botanical. Because this plant-based component breaks down quickly, it's less harmful to the environment than other chemical cleaners. Plus, the botanical oil kills germs and bacteria without strong chemicals or the harsh smell of bleach. More

The thyme oil will destroy the coronavirus (COVID)  within 15 - 20 minutes. So the kill time is faster with the quats, but when we fog we’re treating the facilities at night, so therefore a faster kill time doesn’t matter. What’s more important is the long term health effects, because let’s face it - even with the vaccine, we’re still fighting this for a year or so.

The Disingerm® Thyme Cleaner is the best and most sold vaporcide on the market. The thyme vaporcide is long-lasting and is used with our EPA-approved product partnerships that include the bonding agents.

Our process includes fogging the thyme with the barrier that lasts up to 90 days. The barrier we use is EPA approved for 90 days. During COVID times, we know it will last at least 30 days and are comfortable explaining to our clients they can treat the facilities only twice a month and have GREAT protection.

If the Disingerm® products are applied correctly and properly taken care of (i.e. hard surfaces buffed out as you fog), then we guarantee long lasting effects.

The video below shows you exactly what we are talking about above.


In the video you can see after we fog we buff out the hard surfaces and test the area simply by touching the surface. You can see the product fighting as it eliminates the threat as my fingerprints disappear.  

Bottom line: Disingerm’s Thyme Clean is a much better, safer choice for cleaning and disinfecting during the pandemic and beyond. It is truly a next gen disinfectant and number one vaporcide on the market.

Why Disingerm Thyme Clean Works:

Any place that saves germs, bacteria, and viruses like COVID-19 or the common cold could be spread through coughing, sneezing, or other airborne droplets, will be coated with our long lasting products. Our products break down the proteins that protect the virus by using UV-C light to activate as we fog, leaving a long lasting EPA-approved barrier of protection.

Ensuring your facility is disinfected and protected is an easy and worry-free process for our pro fogging team.

Live Safer!

Disingerm® Inc.

Thyme Clean MSDS 


Please visit to see how we incorporate UVC light and enhance sanitation as we go.

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