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We have brought together the best doctors, chemists and scientists to think through common and uncommon disinfectant and protectant ideas that help discover and create Disingerm solutions.  

Our combination of expertise and the latest technologies powers our ability to produce, formulate from scratch, ensure proper manufacturing and safe packaging, and assess product quality control, failure and performance.

We work with several labs in Texas and beyond to deliver what we think is the best of the best when it comes to cleaning and protecting facilities. 

We work with our experts within a rigorous quality system to ensure products comply with regulatory requirements and consumer expectations. 

Throughout each step of our new product developments we are constantly testing our solutions with other labs to ensure our product effectiveness. 

We also have a couple state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and can produce products at a minimum of fifty five gallons to five million per month. Disingerm offers


Disingerm has built a smart fast and cost-effective fulfillment platform using cutting-edge technology so that we can keep up with demands. 

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Brittany M Spaniel, CEO 

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