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We protect the inside of your home as well as the outside. Our complete Home Protection Service is designed to fight germs, bacteria, viruses, and infectious diseases like the CV-19. Read more about our services on our about page. Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page


We offer a Complete Restaurant Cleansing and Protection Services Designed to Destroy Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, and Infectious Disease for You, Your Family, Your Employees and Your Customers. 

We specialize in cleaning and protecting restaurants. Allow us a few minutes to show you how to protect your investment from further treats. 


We provide window stickers, posters and list your business as Disingerm™ Certified Clean © 2020.



1ST STEP: We test front and back of house for germs, bacteria and viruses using the ensure luminometer by Hygiena. This measurement immediately tells us the level of clean on your surfaces.  

Hygiena delivers a rapid microbial detection, monitoring, and identification solution. We test surfaces before and after each treatment with the SystemSURE Plus™ Luminometer ATP hygiene monitoring system. 


STEP 2: We fog the front of the house with Disingerm's  Vaporcides disinfectants this helps destroy SARS-COV-2, the cause of COVID-19. Our fogging process is very unique eliminating threats and adding a barrier of protection effective against mold, mildew, algae and odor-causing bacteria that will help curb ongoing threats on contact.  


STEP 3: We fog the back of house with Disingerm's Vaporcide Virozide. Virozide is food-grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and is an all-natural sanitizing solution that contains no added stabilizers, no extra chemicals, and or toxins like some of the other H2O2 manufacturers, so you know our solution is clean, pure, and 100% biodegradable.  We also offer Disingerm's Thyme Clean Disinfectant as an option for fogging back of house. 

My Video.gif

STEP 4: Once the fogging treatment is complete we shock the areas with UV-C light. The Disingerm™ Industrial Portable UV-C Sanitation Service enhances our fogging process.


Disingerm's BCA 400 can purify the air, eliminate moldy odor, disinfect, sterilize, and remove mites. The UV-C acts as a photocatalyst purification and decontamination using the active minerals in Virozide, Thyme Clean, and Guard & Shield Green  as a catalyst under the illumination of UV LED.


STEP 5: When treatments are complete we retest surface areas to ensure we have achieved the high standards of DISINGERM'S CERTIFIED CLEAN program.  We display the certification certificates on doors and tables. 

Hnet-image (4).gif

STEP 6: The thumbprint test is one of several ways we can see the Disingerm products working. Watch the gif and you can see the thumbprint just disappear. Threats evaporate when surfaces are touched. This is the barrier working 24/7 and can last weeks if properly cared for. During COVID times we recommend once to twice a month treatments. 


STEP 7: Seven days later we retest surfaces again to make sure your treatment is living up to our high standards of DISINGERM'S CERTIFIED CLEAN.

Viruses don’t “live” (i.e. reproduce) outside the body but they may exist for days on external surfaces until they degrade or find a host. Compared to the Flu Virus that lasts for hours in the air at lower temperatures and for 48 hours on hard surfaces, SARS-CoV-2 Virus doubles that plus can live on copper, cardboard, steel, plastic and for some reason live longer on glass. Allow us to show you how we can disinfect and protect you, your family, customers and employees. Fast easy and very reasonable. 

We’re proud to provide our clients with top-notch disinfecting and protection services. Our clients love working with us, we have a 100% return and repeat customers. Get in touch to let us today.

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