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Positions available are 2nd shift. Monday-Friday, 5pm-1:00 am. The job site and our company is considered "essential services". Our service is to greatly reduce risk of COVD-19. You will be applying and working with a proven formula designed to protect the public from transmitting germs, viruses and bacteria. 

Job Details
You will work on a crew and help spray our product on surfaces in commercial or residential job sites. We also treat and protect vehicles and outside of homes.

We will train you on how to use our proprietary products and our official application processes and procedures.

The product has been around for years and has only gained a bigger recognition now because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. This is not a new product it was designed especially for what's happening in our country right now.


Dallas Office: 214-482-9135

Thanks! Your App has been submitted.

We are looking for Reps to assist us in the following cities;


Dallas, Houston, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York...


The ideal candidate will have a flexible schedule, a background in sales, customer service, management, be proficient with computers and have technical expertise.


This is not a 9-5 or hourly job. You will be responsible for your sales territory and run our business as your business, so an entrepreneurial spirit will be most successful.

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