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We're looking to build teams in the area. We want to set you up in your own business, a multi billion dollar business. You will work for YOU!!! Be your own boss, make good money part time, and help protect your friends and loved ones from COVID-19. 

What you will get when you partner with us?  

  • Deep discounts on product 

  • Your territory locked in... 

  • 24/7 Support 

  • Training 

  • Supplies 

  • Equipment 

  • PPE's 

  • Leads 

  • Business Cards 

  • Sales Aids (Window stickers) 

  • Website landing page (Like this one you're on) 

  • Custom Videos 

  • Advertising/Marketing and much more... 

I am confident with resolving issues independently through making sound business decisions, keeping your name recognition and the ultimate customer experience at the forefront of our interactions.

I have exceptional critical thinking skills – able to analyze technical problems, research, resolve and implement solutions with you. 

I am highly organized and disciplined and will teach you how to be the same if you need. 

I'm very transparent in actions and communication with all levels. 

We will work as a team in various settings including in person and virtual communication to help kick-start your new business. 

I'm very proactive and self-motivated; driven to exceed established goals.I handle stress and rejection without reaction and will show you my secrets on how to do react better to the no's and turn them in to YESSSS!! 

I handle sensitive and confidential information carefully while using discretion. I will teach you how to be an exceptional presentation, oral, written and interpersonal skills and equally strong listening skills.


Let's build your business TODAY!!! We can do this easily on the phone or face to face.


Look forward to working with you! 




Photo Jun 06, 6 16 55 PM.jpg

Dallas Cowboys Legend 

Drew Pearson  #88

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