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Buy one gallon of Disingerm® vaporcide RTU H2O2 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 

Ingredients include but not limited too;  12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Lemongrass, Zinc Oxide, plus a special blend carrier mixed with DI water.  Comes with a handy 16oz spray bottle 


Click here for more information and see Vaporcide in action


This multistage treatment process is based on a permanent photocatalytic physical effect. There's no mixing just pour the solution into your fogger tank or spray bottles. 


Disingerm® RTU H2O2 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxidehas a self-cleaning effect when applied properly. The chemicals with the minerals work together to help fight against odors, mold, viruses, and bacteria and reduces concentrations of allergens, toxins, and other organic pollutants in the air.


For wholesale bulk discounts please call 214-482-9135 or visit our Contact Us page.

Disingerm®  H2O2 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

SKU: DGV - 0301
1 Gallon
  • Disingerm® is Pet Safe Click Here for more information

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