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Updated: Apr 22

The Dallas-based company puts all of their technology and resources available to get ahead of the growing problem.

DECEMBER 17, 2020 (DALLAS, TX) – Disingerm™, the leader in disinfectant and protectant services to emerge from the coronavirus crisis, has responded to the rise in Coronavirus cases across the country and the state with a plan to fight COVID-19. The company has been fogging local businesses for the last several months and last month has added UVC light technology to the list of services as well as the unit being a standalone item to purchase. But now, with a potential lockdown looming and other efforts failing, the company has a plan to help the spread of the virus.

“Even with all of the efforts to fight the virus, many people, as we have seen, are not taking this threat seriously and the numbers are way up. Now we’re facing a lockdown and a new administration that is likely to make aggressive moves regardless of a vaccine, so we’re getting ahead of that.” said Brittany M. Spaniel, CEO of Disingerm™ Inc.

The company’s plan is to offer a special for weekly and monthly service treatments for offices, homes, and cars. Packages, which vary in price due to the size of the space, will ensure Disingerm™ service agents will come to fog and spray surfaces, test levels, and use UVC light treatments to zap existing problems that go beyond even the novel coronavirus, like mold, bacteria, and other germs that could prove to be harmful.

Destroying germs, bacteria, and viruses is the company’s top priority and has been since before the pandemic. While the original intention was to disinfect and protect local businesses by fogging with Disingerm™ products, which

are already sold separately, there was interest in purchasing the units from many high volume clients as well as some residential homes.

“Surfaces need to be cleaned regularly but the way most people are doing it is not cutting it,” says Tom Stokes, COO. Household products, hand sanitizers, and masks do help, but just like anything, if not used regularly and properly, it’s not effective enough. Death and illness is not something anyone should ever take as lightly as people have been. We’re doing this for our families and yours.”

The company has made the pricing of the products and services affordable during these challenging times and will continue to do so, while trying to get ahead of any national action to require things like this. As we enter into flu season as is, it is now essential to protect yourself and your loved ones.

At press time, Disingerm™ is available to service buildings and homes as well as vehicles and will announce international availability and further products and services as they become available.

MEDIA: For questions, to set up an interview via phone, Zoom, Skype, or for footage of a cleaning or a studio demonstration/cleaning, please contact Paul Salfen:

ABOUT DISINGERM ™: Disingerm™ The Guard and Shield products come in one ready-to-use gallon. The solution is made with the highest-rated and best quality chemicals and minerals available in science and modern technology. The products, along with the hi-tech cleaning service, including the all new UV-C Treatments, cleanse surfaces and forms a long-lasting barrier that helps protect from germs, bacteria, and viruses like COVID-19 aka Coronavirus.



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