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Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Paul Salfen and Jennifer Reed how Disingerm partnered with local charities. LIVE Stream

With the recent COVID-19 rise in Dallas, Disingerm, the leading new disinfectant and protectant service to emerge from the coronavirus crisis, announces partnership with local laboratory and will kick-off their new consumer and business product in Arlington, Texas.

Disingerm and ARG Laboratories started working together over a month ago to develop what they believe is the best solution in the market that helps fight germs, bacteria, and viruses. ARG has also created the first pleasantly scented fogging solution allowing Disingerm consumers to choose from different scents, such as leather (for cars), tropical mist, mint, and lavender.

On June 6th during the Rockin’ the Red Carpet, an event treated and also sponsored by Disingerm, the company will unveil #OurHigherPurpose initiative, which is a universal higher purpose campaign that partners with 501(c) (3)s as a way of giving back to communities.

Each charity will be featured on the new product labels being launched. The Community Food Bank in Fort Worth will be the first of several charities that will benefit from the partnership, as they’ll be receiving 25% of the net profit off each bottle sold.

The new products launching Saturday will focus on treating businesses and vehicles with a one-step process instead of the two-step two gallon process, cutting labor time in half.

“We listened to our team in the field that’s actually applying Disingerm and this new one-step process developed for us by ARG Labs is the answer. You will not find a better solution for cleansing and protecting you and your family,” promises Brittany Spaniel, president of Disingerm. Right now the product must be applied by a Disingerm-trained professional using their fogging system, but the company is developing the product to be applied in a spray bottle soon.

About Disingerm:

Made solely in Texas, the company is focused on developing and using unique products to help combat the further spread of diseases from infected surfaces. Disingerm Guard and Shield helps to clean and to protect surfaces while providing an ongoing layer of protection with an invisible water, soil, and stain barrier coating.

About ARG Labs:

The founder of ARG Labs, Henry A. Ajike, has a drive for excellence that has been the force behind their goal to surpass all industry benchmarks for innovative product development and quality manufacturing. To achieve that goal, Henry has built a staff comprised of highly respected R&D and manufacturing professionals with global experience. Together they apply decades of clinical research and innovation experience to our formulations and processes.

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