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Stay updated with the latest news for coronavirus CV-19 

Social Distancing Countdown in Houston, Texas

Authorized Distributor of The Best Products Made for The Pandemic in Houston, Texas

Vehicle Viral Protection


Protect Your Business


Protect Your Home


We will come to your place of business or home to protect you and your car from harmful germs and virus like CV-19... 

Click Here to book a day and time you want our germ busters to show up in Houston, Texas.

Our processes effectively eliminates staph, E. coli, Legionella, listeria, salmonella and more; as well as viruses including H1N1, Hep A, B and C, Norovirus, Rotavirus and the new Coronavirus CV-19 among others.

Click Here to Clean and Protect Your Business

We will eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds,  Mold, Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses. No matter how thoroughly and carefully you clean, most cleaning services just push germs around. Bleach and traditional disinfectants are yesterdays weapons. They struggle to combat today’s more virulent and resistant germs. Click Here to Clean and Protect Your Home


We can help to create a "Germ Free " and healthier indoor environment by effectively applying our comprehensive Volatile Organic Compound Elimination System.  Click Here for a Quote Today!

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