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Disingerm® Guard & Shield MAX


Recommended for commercial use only installed by Disingerm® professionals 

Disingerm® Guard & Shield MAX

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Disingerm® Guard & Shield MAX cleanses and protects surfaces all at once and it smells great too!


One gallon covers approximately 2,500 to 3,500 square feet, depending how many objects need to be treated along the way. i.e. desk, chairs, filing

cabinets, tools, tool boxes, etc.


If you are treating only walls

(warehouses, etc.), you can

cover up to 5,000 - 7,000

square feet with a fogger.

Need a fogger? Contact us.


Disingerm® antimicrobial cleaner (Guard) with State-of-the-Art Tio2 (Shield) mixed with Zinc is the first one step solution of its kind. It's also the first spray for foggers that come in different scents. This barrier of protection is long lasting when properly installed by a certified Disingerm® service applicator. Also, our shield helps protect your environment by providing cleaner healthier air.


This multistage monthly

treatment process is based

on a permanent photocatalytic

physical effect - there's no

chemistry involved.

There's no mixing just

pour the solution into

your fogger tank and go.

Disingerm® Guard & Shield MAX has a self-cleaning effect when applied properly.  Our ongoing monthly process will help keep it clean. Our services work together to help fight against odors, mold, viruses, and bacteria and reduces concentrations of allergens, toxins, and other organic pollutants in the air. 


For wholesale discounts please call 214-482-9135 or visit our Contact Us page.


** Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), there is a national shortage of many of our regularly stocked items. As a result, we have temporarily change our return policy on select items impacted by the shortage. Effective immediately, all sales of this product are final. Returns of this product -  in any condition, will not be accepted. **

Click Here for Disingerm® Guard & Shield MAX MSDS

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