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Disclaimer: Nothing contained herein grants or extends a license, expressed or implied, in connection with Disingerm Guard & Shield MAX and OXIVIN products, or others. Information contained herein is based on Disingerm’s own study, Disingerm Labs, and the work of others. Below are only three (3) (EPA Approved) of several active ingredients used in the design formula for Disingerm's Vaporcides including; Guard & Shield MAX, Guard & Shield Green, ThymeClean,  VIROZIDE VAPOR  and OXIVIN 


Below are the two products we use to fight germs, bacteria and viruses (COVID-19) daily. One is a very powerful ammonium chloride solution we call Guard & Shield MAX. We use this in more commercial settings like big facilities, warehouses, industrial, and our COVID emergency response when we need a solution to eliminate a threat within seconds. The other is our THYME product that produces the same results as Guard & Shield MAX just with a longer kill time for germs, bacteria and viruses. 





Disingerm™ uses thyme oil with lemongrass or lavender as well as zinc oxide. We also have a Thyme Clean using TiO(2) (Titanium Dioxide). Titanium dioxide (TiO(2)) under ultraviolet (UVC) light produces a strong oxidative effect and may therefore be used as a photocatalytic disinfectant.


Thyme is part of the EPA’s minimum risk list and safer use products as outlined in their documentation. Learn more about Thyme Clean.


What is Disingerm's Guard & Shield MAX? 


Disingerm's Guard & Shield is the latest innovation in surface purification technology. The product is an advanced surface purification coating based on the latest nanotechnology. In the presence of light, active oxygen is formed on the treated surfaces, which quickly fights to destroy volatile organic compounds. This includes neutralization of organic particles, molds, germs, viruses, and bacteria.  Disingerm simply decomposes their microscopic remnants into harmless gas and water vapor. The whole process of our photocatalytic decomposition is green in nature.


Compared to current and outdated cleaning and sanitizing technologies, our antimicrobial barrier coating is by far the most effective long-lasting purification method available on the market for surface treatment. We hope you will agree after reading how it all works below. Disingerm's Guard & Shield requires only one single application to keep the surface clean and purified. Each application produces a purification effect for up to 90 days, but we recommend treatment every month during the COVID-19 era.


Disingerm at ARG Labs in Dallas, TX

Disingerm is advanced nano catalyst technology utilizing water based single component products Suitable for walls, floors, touch points (i.e. handles, buttons, handrails etc) and more. Substrates are protected against viruses, bacteria and fungus that contact theses coated surfaces The internal air quality is also improved as the same products deodorize and remove pollutants. Long lasting functionality that can be quickly tested using the ATP monitoring equipment that is used to test for bacteria. Use is safe to humans as tested by leading independent laboratories. 



What does Disingerm use to cleanse? Part of the Disingerm solution uses n-Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride. This ingredient is one of the best on the market for destroying COVID-19... per EPA NOT Disingerm. 


We only use the best ingredients to make what many are saying is the best product to fight germs, bacteria, and viruses and adds a layer of protection. Below you will see just one (1) of our active ingredients that states that it will kill many viruses. This is not us making a claim that this information comes from the EPA.


The United States government has tested this product and has signed off on the use for it to be a Coronavirus solution.  Stepan has been in business since 1932 and knows a lot about what works and what doesn't when it comes to making a solution to fight COVID-19. This ingredient, along with several other ingredients, make up Disingerm Guard & Shield. 


In the documents below, you will see that this ingredient actually kills COVID-19. Why can't Disingerm or Stepan state it kills COVID-19? We can say verbally that it kills COVID-19, but only to hospitals, nursing homes, and to doctors. Why? Because the EPA does not want the word "kill" to be marketed to the public and therefore cannot be on the label.


There are many reasons why the EPA doesn't want any claim of "kill COVID-19" on any label and/or any marketing for any product. There are only four (4)  products out there that can actually kill COVID-19 and in fear of these handful of products cornering the market, the EPA has set guidelines so that it would be more fair to the consumers and other companies. 


We are not here to debate why we can't say "kill COVID-19" in our marketing, we are only explaining to you what's in our product so that you will better understand how it works to disinfect and protect your clients. 



Viruses are not exactly “alive,” but they are parasitic, using living hosts (like us) to reproduce. To understand how to break down viruses, think of an egg. Each virus has an outer shell, made of proteins and fats, that surrounds and protects the genetic material inside. Those proteins also help the virus attach to and infect host cells. To “kill” the virus, that protective coat must be chemically “cracked open” or broken down. This is where Disingerm comes in.

“We know that in order to effectively kill this virus, disinfectants need to not only break down the viral coat, but also penetrate and render the RNA inactive,” said Tom Stokes COO of Disingerm. “Bleach and other disinfectants cannot get past the viral coat; however, Disingerm has a detergent component that will break down that coat of mucus and/or saliva.”

The five-part Disingerm formula comes ready to use. The solution can be applied on hard, nonporous and porous surfaces via foaming apparatus, low-pressure sprayers, mopping and soaking systems, and it has been found effective for use in a variety of environments, from hospitals and restaurants to household kitchens and bathrooms.

The solution, which is quick to deploy and does not require scrubbing, can effectively disinfect surfaces by decomposing pathogens like the novel coronavirus in a matter of minutes. Choose from Disingerm Guard & Shield MAX or our All GREEN products. 


Photo Jun 06, 6 16 56 PM.jpg

Another active in Disingrem is zinc oxide.  Zinc oxide is a well known photocatalysts that uses nanoparticles to disrupt bacterial cell membrane integrity, reduce cell surface hydrophobicity, and downregulate the transcription of oxidative stress-resistance genes in bacteria. They enhance intracellular bacterial killing by inducing ROS production. 

This process allows the cleanser to better do its job. Opening pores on hard surfaces and materials so that Disingerm can get in and fight the germs, bacteria and viruses they may be living on these surfaces.The nanoparticles are toxic to many fungi, viruses, and bacteria. 


Reference: Properties of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Activity Against Microbes

Zinc oxide does occur in nature as the mineral zincite. You can find it in sunscreens and medical creams for cuts and rashes. We use zinc oxide daily more than you think. 


disingerming a vehicle

Titanium Oxide Nanoparticles / Nanopowder (TiO2, anatase, 99.5%,  10-30 nm)

We use Ti02 along side of zinc oxide to help further cleanse and seal surfaces as well as clean the floor and air around us as we fog.


Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a naturally occurring mineral used as a bright white pigment for paint, in the food industry as a coloring, in sunscreens and cosmetics, and in other industrial uses. After processing, it is exists as white, powdery solid. ... It can be used as an opacifier to make pigments opaque. 

Heterogeneous photo-catalytic processes using semiconductor oxides such as TiO2 ZnO and photocatalysts are state-of-the-art technology and an efficient way for the removal of pollutants.

This study is by one of the most famous anti-microbial doctors. Dr. Gerba. C.P. Click here to read study 

More References from

Dr. Gerba:





Disingerm is the leading new disinfectant and protectant service that emerged from the coronavirus crisis. We first discovered antimicrobials working in the automotive industry over ten years ago. Since that time he has worked with dealerships across the nation to install disinfectant and protectant solutions. 


Disingerm announced their partnership with ARG Labs on June 6th 2020 at Rockin The Red Carpet. ARG is a locally owned laboratory in Dallas, Texas. 

Disingerm and ARG Laboratories started working together in early May to develop what they believe is the best solution in the market that helps fight germs, bacteria, and viruses.


ARG has created the first pleasantly scented fogging solution in the world.  Disingerm consumers can choose from different scents, such as leather (for cars), tropical mist, lemon, mint, and lavender. 

The new products focus on treating businesses and vehicles with a one-step process instead of the two-step two gallon process, cutting labor time in half. 

Right now the product must be applied by a Disingerm-trained professional using their fogging system techniques, but the company is developing the product to be applied in a spray bottle in the near future as well as a portable spray bomber for vehicles. 

Made solely in Texas, the company is focused on developing and using unique products to help combat the further spread of diseases from infected surfaces. Disingerm Guard and Shield helps to clean and to protect surfaces while providing an ongoing layer of protection with an invisible water, soil, and stain barrier coating.

Why ARG? The founder of ARG Labs, Henry A. Ajike, has a drive for excellence that has been the force behind their goal to surpass all industry benchmarks for innovative product development and quality manufacturing. To achieve that goal, Henry has built a staff comprised of highly respected R&D and manufacturing professionals with global experience. Together they apply decades of clinical research and innovation experience to our formulations and processes.


ARG has a full production line and will handle all the fulfillment needs for Disingerm. 

Disingerm is only sold to individuals that have completed the Disingerm/ARG training courses.

We service the following;

  • Disinfectant service companies 

  • Local and federal governments 

  • Schools

  • Hospitals 

  • Hotels 

  • Football Stadiums

  • Airports and Airlines 

  • Factories 

  • Gym and Training Centers

  • Transport Companies 

  • Auto Dealers (OXIVIN ONLY)

Export International 

Government Only.  

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